Our next term starts from May 15th (new joiners are always welcome) – online booking is available. However, you can join in before then with workshops on April 30th (qigong/pushing hands) & May 14th (sabre). Remember, Sam Masich will be here June 2nd – 4th, a not-to-be-missed opportunity for all levels of experience!

Sunday training, open to all, is moving to Buckingham Park, Shoreham (£5 drop-in with Cher Robins)


Welcome to Tai Chi Wisdom, we teach friendly evening and daytime classes and weekend workshops around Sussex. Our emphasis is on each student developing the skills required for excellent tai chi and qigong (chi kong, chi kung etc…). Whether it’s health benefits, martial skills or the meditative aspects which have drawn you to tai chi and qigong, we value them all and enjoy teaching students how to deepen their understanding in all these areas.

2014-10-09-07.31.47.jpgWe teach all levels from absolute beginners to teachers and national competitors; so, whatever your ambition, we have classes and seminars for you. We teach both a modern and traditional syllabus including a complete Yang style curriculum which includes: medical and martial Qigong, hand forms, weapons forms and two person work for both hand and weapons which leads on to freestyle training.

We are honoured to host the UK seminars of Master Sam Masich. His next workshop will be on the Yang Style Baduanjin on February 17-19th.